The rise of the e-scooter: a blog post

A great blog post by the Co-Founder of Discourse, the fantastic open-source forum web app on which this forum runs! Jeff Atwood talks about the incredible rise in popularity of this fantastic and fun form of transport.


…and it’s not just scooters where we’ll see this Battery Revolution changing the world? I was thinking - why do we have electrical cables plumbed throughout our homes anymore, when most devices need so much less power. Most of the devices we connect have a transformer attached to bring the voltage down to something useable. Surely at some point someone will invent a generic li-ion battery, which can just be slotted in the back of the tv, the smart speaker, etc. Buy a bunch of batteries and switch them when necessary. Or… when we get there slowly trickle charge them via wifi charging. ponder ponder.

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Yep. And that’s happening to electronic blinds, hoovers and … hair dryers!

Indeed. which is kindof what I was thinking… what if there was a standard battery, or at least charger, or connector, that a household’s batteries could recharge in. (Thinking about the Tesla home battery thing too.)

Maybe someone could invent a ‘rideable’ motor that can be interchanged and used AS a hairdryer, or vacuum!

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