No Turbowheel Swift in your country? No problem!

I can only find a US distributor for the Turbowheel Swift electric scooter:

Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be shipping outside of US/Canada, which is a big shame, because it’s a great package!

In any case this appears to be a variant of a white labeled scooter that’s been intelligently packaged and modded (fair enough!) and not a million miles from being a Zero 8. In other words a ‘T8’.

Here’s an Aliexpress affiliate link for a very similar T8 scooter with fewer features (but you can specify the LG battery):

You can pick up the trolley wheels too:

And the handle:

(UPDATE: this look out of stock atm. If you can find an alternative, hit me up!)

Which is the makings of a DIY variant! If you are prepared to go for the unbranded battery, it looks like you can almost make an equivalent scooter for significantly less. Let us know if you go this route!

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