E-scooter stability

E-scooter safety is on everyone’s mind. A recent OECD international transport forum concluded that e-scooters were no less safe than bicycles, but recommended manufacturers improve their stability by design. Scooters have a small wheel base and small wheels, so they’re samall - which is why everyone likes them. But the diminutive dimensions can make them less stable as the speed picks up.
I designed a steering system that seriously improves stability. Some people use suspension, which is great, but it introduces new problems like cost and complexity, and can create ‘dive’ when you brake. And it doesn’t solve the instability problem. The design in the video is more simple. The faster you go, the more it helps. Its hard to demonstrate the advantage without trying one. But probably the best way to show what I mean is to point out that nearly everyone riding a normal e-scooter keeps both hands on the handlebars. That’s because they’re not that stable! This one is easily ridden one handed. https://youtu.be/oprWwrEmjmI I’d love to hear what you think.

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