Can you use the Swytch system on a Swifty?

Looking at the amazing Pre-order the SwiftyOne Carbon! got me thinking.

It’s got Hydraulic brakes, but is essentially a regular kick scooter.

Now the basic problem with a Kick Scooter is you need to keep on kickin’ or you will keep slowing down unless you are going down hill, which is a bit of a pain.

Surely, even just a low power motor would help sustain you after a few kick-offs. With this extremely low weight frame, you could create an amazingly smooth city-ride if you could only add an electric option.

Rather than to wait for Swifty to provide one, I thought it would be interesting to look at the potential for adding an electrical hub motor at the front.

Turns out, Swytch provide a Brompton kit. Now the great thing about this is that the Brompton and the Swifty both use 16" wheels, so I’m wondering if it might be possible to combine the two? This might unfortunately require using the presumably lower spec Swytch wheel initially, unless one can source a version of the Swifty Carbon wheel with a motor in a hub.

There will be other issues of course. The pedal sensor is obviously pointless and may require some other solution to properly integrate it into the Swifty.

Of course you don’t have to go as far as using the Carbon, of course. It might make sense to buy a lower spec Swifty to test this theory out. Now of course Swifty already provide an electrical option, but it is significantly more expensive.

Now then, of course this comparison wouldn’t be complete without checking Aliexpress for something similar.

Let’s compare:

Kit Price Power Weight Battery Size
Swifty Electric Kit £799 250W 3.91kg 4Ah
Swytch Brompton Kit TBD (Pre-order not started but historically ~£399-499) 250W 3kg 5Ah (35km kit) or 7Ah (50km kit)
Yiyi Wheel kit from Aliexpress ~$300 250W

I’m aware Brompton sells an electric variant, but they don’t seem to provide conversion kits.

Nano sells a conversion kit for £799